Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader

prs-505 ebook reader

Reading ebooks on your PC can be a real pain. Even a notebook sitting on your belly on a recliner does not have quite the perfect ergonomics. Besides, it gets uncomfortable and hot after a while. Then there is the cord problem. The Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader is a good solution to these problems. For $299.99, it can give you an exceptional, on-the-go reading experience. It is also a perfect travel companion.

The Reader features a more responsive electronic paper display and provides better contrast compared to its predecessor. The screen is crisp, making your reading experience a bliss. It has well-placed buttons and the bookmarking is easy. With the Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader, you can read word, pdf, .txt and html documents. This saves you from printing and carrying reams of paper. The Reader is an environmentally friendly product.

Measuring 175 mm x 122 mm x 7.6mm, the Reader is only the size of a slim notepad even when you shroud it in its protective case. While the case is not made from authentic leather, you can see its quality feel. You can easily read the device when placed on a table or desk, even without removing it from its sheath. The Reader also offers expansion for both SD memory cards and Memory Stick Duo.

Image Source: Sony

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