Sony Portable e-Book Reader Paperless Paperback

sony protable ebook reader

Sony Portable e-Book Reader Paperless Paperback is a technological revolution for bookworms. Winning the Popular Science’s Best of What’s New award, Paperless Paperback is just perfect for those who want to read anytime, anywhere without the hassle of carrying bulky and heavy books. What’s great about this device is that you can store up to 160 e-books. Reading will not strain your eyes as you can view the books on a screen that replicates the contrast of light-gray paper and black ink you usually see in pages of actual books.

The device’s 6-in screen incorporates E-Ink technology, a top-rate electronic paper which reflects light very similar to that of an ordinary loose-leaf. You don’t have to worry when you want to read in broad daylight as, unlike the typical backlit LCD, Paperless Paperback is visible even in direct sunlight. In addition, the unit can maintain displayed text without drawing electric power. It only draws electricity when pressing the buttons to turn the page – you can turn around 7,500 in one charging.

Less than ½-in thick and weighing only 9 oz, Paperless Paperback is like an entire library that you can hold in your palms. It connects to a PC for buying and downloading e-books from online stores. You can also upload digital texts using a memory card. Other than e-book storage, this device also supports Word and PDF documents and displays JPEG images. It features a music player so this unit is perfect for you if you want to listen to music while reading.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer


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