Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Console gaming is becoming more and more advanced, not to mention more exciting as console game makers like Sony tries to develop new ways to enhance the gaming experience. This might also be needed in order to keep their new PlayStation consoles in demand from gamers. And this time, Sony is not just focusing on its consoles to keep the interest up. Sony has also recently introduced the new PlayStation 3D Display.

The new Sony PlayStation 3D Display is a 24 inch LCD display that offers its users with full HD 1080p in 3D. The PlayStation 3D Display also offers a special two-player feature that optimizes two-player mode gaming by giving each person a full screen view of the action in full HD. It comes with built-in speakers and subwoofer and can be used for the PlayStation 3 as well as for PC or even a cable TV box. The new Sony PlayStation 3D Display is expected to be available this fall. It is expected to cost around US$499.

Image Source: PlayStation Blog

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