Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

sony PS3 Slim

Sony has recently said that it will be offering a lighter and slimmer version of the PlayStation 3 gaming console. The new PlayStation 3 Slim is said to be 36 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller than its predecessor. It also offers other features that consumers would likely welcome.

First of all, the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim will be available in its 120 GB version. The previous 80 GB versions of the older PS3 console would be discontinued to give way for the PS3 Slim. Not only that, the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim will also be available worldwide for only US$ 299, quite a departure from its more expensive predecessor which may have cost Sony quite a lot in terms of retail sales. The new price tag would really seem quite an attractive feature to have for the Sony PS3 Slim. These new gaming console will be out in the market on September 1.

Image Source: Sony

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