Sony P Series Netbook

The Sony P Series Netbook defines the maning of portability and great technology. 

If you are going to choose a netbook, you may consider the Sony P Series Netbook. This netbook sports an 8 inch, 1800 x 786 LED resolution display. Along with that, it has a 1.33 gigahertz Z520 Atom. It has a hard drive that runs up to 60 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes SSD.

Other than that, its LED has a back light display and runs using operating systems like Vista Home Premium and the Home Basic. With the type of resolution it has, this netbook undoubtedly has a high definition.

What we truly love best about the Sony P Series is the fat that the "P" stands for pocket. That much is true since it only goes for about 8 inches. For our part, it may even mean portability. Include the fact that most netbooks comes only with a lower resolution in comparison to this one.

This netbook comes with a Bluetooth, a 802.11n WiFi, GPS and a WWAN. Additionally, it has a built-in webcam. For its RAM, it goes for about 2 gigabytes while its HDD goes for 60 gigabytes. Regarding its accessories, it comes with noise cancellation head phones. Now, that is something great knowing its portable.

The Sony P Series has a dimension of 245 millimeters in width, and 120 millimeters high when the screen is opened, and about 20 millimeters thick. Moreover, it has ports for USB 2.0, a special LAN connector, a head phone jack and a multi-card reader.

The cool thing about this gizmo is the fact that it can fit into any large pocket. It is available at a price of $899 and is available soon on February. You can purchase them through online shops like

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