Sony NWZ-X1000 Walkman

Sony NWZ-X1000 Walkman

At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show, Sony unveiled its latest addition to their  Walkman line.


From Sony’s Walkman MP3 players line comes the X-series Walkman Video MP3 player NWZ-X1000 models. Sony’s newest gadgets not only support Wi-Fi technology but feature OLED touch screen as well.


The NWZ-X1000 models’ other features include enhanced audio and video playback with a digital noise-cancelling technology that blocks out ambient noise – which along with the noise-cancelling headphones make for a uniquely rich and balanced listening experience.


Watching videos is now possible, thanks to the X-series’ new OLED touch screen. Pictures are crisp with super high contrast, great colour reproduction and quick response time. Navigation is also easy as you can use both the control panel on the touch screen or the button system.


Sony NWZ-X1000’s coolest feature has got to be its built-in Wi-Fi technology. Now, you can access YouTube, podcast downloads, and other similar sites.

According to Sony’s press release, the X-series Walkman video MP3 players will be available in early summer and will come in two different storage capacities in black: The NWZ- X1051 has about 16GB of internal storage, while the NWZ- X1061 has about 32GB.

Pricing for both models is still to be determined.

Image source: Sony

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