Sony NEX-C3 Digital Camera

Sony has recently introduced a new digital camera that is touted to be the world’s smallest and lightest camera with an interchangeable lens feature. In this case it is DSLR quality photography with a compact-sized digital camera. The new Sony NEX-C3 Digital Camera might just appeal to photographers who like the quality shots that DSLR cameras offer, but not their bulkiness.

The new Sony NEX-C3 features a 16.2MP APS HD CMOS sensor, HD video recording and comes with the new Photo Creativity interface that makes taking pictures less complicated for even the casual photographer. But what makes it unique is that it is currently the lightest and smallest digital camera with interchangeable lens to come out in the market with a body weight of only 225 grams. The new Sony NEX-C3 Digital Camera is expected to come out sometime in late July or August of this year. Price will be expected at US$649 for one with the 18-55mm kit lenses and US$599 for one with a 16mm kit lens.

Image Source: Engadget

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