Sony New W-Series Walkman

Sony W-Series Walkman

At 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony has unveiled, along with the NWZ-X1000 models, their W Series Walkman MP3 player. Unlike the X-series, the NWZ-2002 model is designed for people on the go.


The W-Series Walkman is designed as such that sound enthusiasts need not be bothered with cords – just functional, wearable headphones, without compromising sound quality.

The W-series Walkman model is also fitted with Sony’s ZAPPIN function which, using the Jog dial, allows you to maneuver through your music and video files effortlessly, even without a display.

Another cool feature of the W-series is the quick-charge function that allows audiophiles to listen to about 90 minutes (1 ½ hours) of music with just a 3-minute charge. A full charge will get you about 12 hours of music.

NWZ-W202 is also designed with the Content Transfer function which allows you to basically drag and drop music files from sites like iTunes.

The W-series Walkman Mp3 players will be available in black and pink, and will be equipped with 2GB of internal storage.

Sony’s press release announced that the W-series Walkmans will be available in April for $70.

Image source: Sony

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