Sony NAS-SC555PKE Music Streamer


Traditional hi-fi kit used to be popular for consumers into music systems, but more people now prefer wireless music systems. Sony is well aware of it, that’s why the Company introduced NAS-SC555PKE Music Streamer. It is a music system that comprises NAS-SC55PKE, a complete multi-room music system, and NAS-E35HD, an affordable HDD audio system.

NAS-SC55PKE can store around 40,000 music tracks, and you can stream it to any room in your house. It can rip music from a CD at a high speed (about 16x), storing a 1-hour CD in just under four minutes. It features "x-DJ" which automatically makes themed playlists. NAS-SC55PKE can also transfer tracks to mobile phones, MP3 players, and PSPTM at 50x speed. The NAS-E35HD can store 15,000 music tracks, rip music from CD at 4x speed, plus it can transfer tracks to mobile phones and MP3 players at 10x speed.

Both NAS-SC55PKE and NAS-E35HD can record music from vinyl, CD, radio, cassette, and MP3 players. Transferred tracks are automatically labeled with Artist/Album/Track Title. Both systems come with a dock for iPod. Overall, Sony’s NAS-SC555PKE Music Streamer makes storing music with much ease.

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