Sony Motion Controller to be introduced in Fall 2010

Sony Motion Controller

Sony Computer Entertainment has just announced that it will release worldwide its new motion controller for the PlayStation 3 this fall.  The new controller, tentatively titled "Motion Controller" although CrunchGear claimed it would probably be named "Gem," is the company’s answer to Nintendo Wii’s motion controller that has revolutionized gameplay and endeared millions of buyers.

The Sony Motion Controller is used with the PlayStation Eye camera to detect natural and intuitive movement of the player’s hand while reflecting the precise movement within the game.

Additionally, SCE will promote the Motion Controller as the de facto controller of the PS3 along with the Dualshock controller and will introduce new measures to enhance the software title line-up for the Motion Controller.  So imagine yourself playing a Wii, but with more awesome graphics and gameplay.

Stay tuned for more details!

Image source:  CrunchGear

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