Sony Mint Green PSP

Sony Mint Green PSP

With the rise of popularity of the Sony PSP portable gaming console, they have been able to come up with several colors that cater to all sorts of gaming enthusiasts. One of the newest colors that have come out is the new Mint Green version.

One of the bad things regarding this new color is that it is mainly available in Japan. It means that those PSP players who like the color will probably need to have it imported all the way from Japan.

The new version of the PSP is geared towards female audiences and gamers with the color. It is refreshing and cool to the eyes and looks absolutely gorgeous. It is one of the better colors that the PSP has released. Because of this people might want to save up for this and just get their own mint green version in Japan. If you plan to get it though, be prepared to cough up 19,800 yen ($180)  for the whole thing.

Image Source: Sony

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