Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Camera

Sony Webbie HD Camera

Portability is the name of the game nowadays when it comes to gadgets. And in the case of digital cameras, they seem to be popular the smaller they seem to get. But of course, the features are also something that people look into. In the case of the Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Camera, people can get both.

The Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD camera is both a still image and video digital camera. After all, that is how most digital cameras are being released nowadays. But this digital camera combines both HD capability and quality in a camera that is handy enough to bring just about anywhere. For still images, it can provide quality pictures at five mega pixel resolutions. Video is provided in high definition MP4 (H.264) to take advantage of both video and compression quality.

Use of the Sony Webbie HD camera is made even convenient by providing separate buttons for capturing still images and video. This way, users can easily interchange which functions they wish to use without having to set up the camera anymore. A 1.8 inch LCD screen on the unit provides the means to check out the videos and images stores on this handy digital camera. Not only that, users can also use the Sony Webbie HD camera as a means to download their still and video captures effortlessly online as it is highly compatible with the Web. Users may be able to easily upload their pictures and videos easily in their favorite websites. Priced at US$170, it seems quite an affordable HD camera to have around.

Image Source: Sonystyle

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