Sony MDR-Z1000 Headphones

High-end headphones are usually preferred by those who look for better than usual sound quality. For them ordinary headphones just won’t do. It might require headphones like the new Sony MDR-Z1000 to satisfy their need for exquisite audio quality.

The Sony MDR-Z1000 has recently been launched by Sony to cater to serious audiophiles out there. This high-end headphones feature a 360KJ/m3 High power neodymium magnet to reproduce clear and crisp mid-range sounds. Its frequency response of 5Hz to 80,000Hz makes it quite impressive indeed. It also has an impedance of 24 Ohms as well as a sensitivity of 106dB/mW. It also makes use of a removable Jack cable for more convenient use and storage. The Sony MDR-Z1000 headphones is set to be released in the market sometime in November. It is expected to cost around 61,950 Japanese Yen, which is about US$735.

Image Source: Sony

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