Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker

Sony LED Light Bulb SpeakerEven though LED light bulbs have been around for years now, not everyone still prefers using them despite the advantages. It may be the pricing or the air of nostalgia that some people have over traditional light bulbs, LED lighting seems to be lacking in appeal of sorts among many consumers. Improving that appeal may just be one reason to help people get interested in them. Sony will try to do just that by introducing the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker.

The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker is a LED bulb that can also act as a wireless speaker. It is quite ingenious that it may just work. People nowadays like convenience and having a wireless speaker to stream their tune usually is the preferred option. And having a wireless speaker in every room will become convenient indeed. With the Sony LED Light Bulb, users will just connect their smartphones with the lighting unit via Bluetooth. Users can then stream their tunes through the wireless speaker built into the 360-lumen LED bulb. Users can also adjust the speaker volume and the light brightness using their connected smartphone with the use of an accompanying app. The Sony LED Light Bulb also comes with a dedicated remote control to also do the same function that works with NFC.

The Sony LED Light Bulb offers a convenience of having a speaker in areas where it may be difficult to set up one. It is also convenient in that people can just stream their favorite tunes while turning on the lights. There is no need to have speakers set up. The Sony LED Light Bulb has recently been introduced in the Japanese market. Its initial price of around $200 may put some people off. But a speaker and LED light combination may be too interesting for some to avoid.

Image Source: Sony

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