Sony Kicks Off 3D TV in Japan

The battle for 3D TV supremacy is on.  After Samsung and Panasonic have announced they will be releasing 3D TV models over the next couple of days, Sony revealed its plans for 3D TV domination starting in Japan .

Sony’s new sets have the same monolithic style seen on the NX800 series and will come with a built-in IR emitter and two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses.  Some of their 3D TV models will also feature  WiFi connectivity, face detection that reminds viewers if they are sitting too close to the TV, as well as putting the screen into “sleep mode” if the viewers either leave the room or simply look away from the TV.  Sony will also offer 3D upgrades for selected 2D models by adding a separate IR emitter and glasses.

The price of Sony’s 3D TV line range from 290,000 yen (about US$3,222) to 580,000 (about $6,444).

Source:  Akihabara News , via Engadget

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