Sony Jienne Chic Stylish Earbuds

Who says technology can’t be fashionable? It seems that it is possible to merge both technology and fashion in many ways as long as device makers have the creativity and means to do so. Even devices can be designed as appropriate and stylish fashion accessories with the likes of the new Sony Jienne Chic earbuds.

The new Sony Jienne Chic in-ear headphones simply adds up a bit of fashionable twist to an already common accessory even among women. As it was designed with women users in mind, the Sony Jienne Chic comes in a variety of stylish colors and are uniquely designed with a touch of elegance by adding some Swarovski Zzirconia crystals on it. The combination of color and elegant crystals makes an otherwise ordinary in-ear headphone into an instant fashion accessory. The new Sony Jienne Chic is set to be made available in Japan by the end of July.

Image Source: Sony Japan

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