Sony Introduces World's Smallest 3D Digital Cameras

With 3D becoming more and more popular, many consumer electronics manufacturers are on a race of sorts to bring in 3D technology as a feature of their new products. One of such companies, Sony, has recently introduced a new line-up for its CyberShot digital cameras that may be the world’s smallest 3D digital camera as of late.

Sony has recently announced two new models for its CyberShot line, the Sony DSC-TX9 and the Sony DSC-WX5, that features 3D image capture capabilities. These new digital cameras can be used to capture a 3D image through a single lens system that simply requires a sweeping motion. Both digital cameras will even allow users to view the captured images on its LCD display moving in simulated 3D by tilting the camera back and forth. The Sony TX9 and the WX5 also allows users to record video in full HD via the AVCHD format usually used in Sony Handycams. The new Sony 3D digital cameras is set to arrive around September and will be available at Sonystyle. The Sony TX9 is set to retail around US$400 while the Sony WX5 will be available for around US$300.

Image Source: Sonystyle

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