Sony Introduces Next Generation Portable, aka PSP 2

Sony has just unveiled what has been called the PlayStation Portable 2 (let’s pretend the PSP Go never existed) with a new handheld video game console. Officially called the “Next Generation Portable,” the device will appear like the original PlayStation Portable–although a bit bulkier–and will feature a 5-inch OLED touchscreen. It will also have a touch pad at the back, dual micro analog joysticks, cameras in both the front and rear sides, and will use a Flash-based memory card.

Other expected features will include 3G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity, PlayStation 3-quality graphics, ARM Cortex A9 CPU, a SGX543MP4+ GPU, and Sixaxis motion-sensing system.

Games that will be offered for the NGP once it is released in the holiday season include Hot Shots Golf Next, Gravity Daze, Killzone, WipeOut, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Unchartered, Little Deviants, Reality Fighters, and Billiards. Take note that the NGP is apart from the upcoming PlayStation Phone being concocted by Sony Ericsson.

Source: CNET

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