Sony ICF-C1iP iPod Dock with Clock

Sony ICF-C1iP iPod Dock with Clock

With the iPod becoming a necessary luxury for most people, it just makes sense to look for other ways to make it more functional. Aside from being a portable digital storage gadget for your favorite tunes, you can now use your iPod to wake you up in the morning. This can be made possible with the Sony iPod Dock with Clock.

You can now put an end to having to deal with annoying alarms when you wake up and instead rise and shine to the tune of your favorite songs. The ICF-C1iP iPod dock features a dual alarm function that gives you the option of waking to the sound of your iPod, the radio or a buzzer.

The Sony ICF-C1iP iPod dock also comes with ATS (Automatic Time Set) so adjusting the time is automatic. All you need to do is choose your time zone and the dock will do rest. The built-in stereo speakers offer loud and crisp sound and a full-function remote control is provided to allow you to change music tracks more conveniently. When your iPod is docked, it also acts as a convenient iPod charger so you do not have to worry about your iPod going low on power the next day.

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