Sony HT-CT100 Theater System

Sony HT-CT100 Theater System

Home theater systems are getting more and more advanced each day. Not only that, they are also taking advantage of better technology to make set-ups simpler and more convenient. At times, some users need not use a five or six speaker system in order to enjoy great quality sound for their own home entertainment system. Such is what the Sony HT-CT100 theater system tries to offer.

The Sony HT-CT100 is composed mainly of a sub woofer and a relatively new type of speaker known as a sound bar. Although having been around for a few years now, sound bars have only recently been appreciated by some users for their simplicity and performance. And in the Sony HT-CT100 theater system, the sub woofer and sound bar combo is able to provide quite an extraordinary performance that includes having surround sound features.

The Sony HT-CT100 was probably designed with space issues in mind. The sub woofer also houses the main control center for the speaker system which includes audio and video connections, HDMI inputs, Sony Digital Media port as well as the output connection for the sound bar. Its compact design helps make it the home theater set up of choice for home entertainment systems housed in smaller rooms. The Sony HT-CT100 theater system is available at Sonystyle for US$300.


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