Sony HT-CT100 Sound Bar

Sony Sound Bar Speaker System

The Sony HT-CT100 Sound Bar speaker system makes it quite easy to add better sound to your HDTV without having a complicated set up. This speaker system makes it worthwhile to add some surround sound to your HDTV set as a much needed complement for a better audio experience whether watching movies, playing games or even the news.

What makes the Sony HT-CT100 Sound Bar so convenient to use is that its center speaker and subwoofer module is quite compact and easy to set up. It features 3 HDMI inputs to support gaming systems. It also allows LPCM playback using a HDMI connection, giving users an audio quality that can be closer to the original. It also has a powerful digital signal processor that can improve the quality of sound from any connected device. At US$300, it also is quite an affordable option for those who wish better audio quality without having to burn their wallets.

Image Source: Sonystyle

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