Sony HMZ T2 Head Mounted 3D Display

People nowadays are getting entertainment options in some pretty unique ways. Pretty soon, watching movies or playing video games may no longer depend on having the largest TV screen or display at home in order to enjoy. Some people may someday prefer using a head mounted display instead such as what the new Sony HMZ T2 may be able to offer.

The new Sony HMZ T2 Head Mounted Display is designed for gaming but functions more than just that. It is a capable 3D viewer that can help provide gamers with a new perspective towards gaming. Its futuristic design will surely make the device that people will become interested in. This 3D viewer is able to provide a view similar to a virtual cinema screen when worn. It is also capable of displaying HD video with Sony’s organic EL panel as well as provide. The Sony HMZ T2 also comes with a 5.1 channel virtual surround technology to ensure that both visuals and audio bet the best treatment when using this new Sony Personal 3D viewer. It is expected to be available on October 13 and is said to be priced at around US$900.

Image Source: Sony Japan

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