Sony HDR-XR520V Camcorder

The Sony HDR-XR520v Camcorder is on of the best camcorders out there due to its geo-tagging technology among other features. 

Looking for the right camcorder for you may be something that is quite difficult for you. However, with the Sony HDR-XR520V, you may not only have fulfilled your dreams of owning the perfect camcorder, you have the best of all camcorders out there.

This is something that we truly approve of since this camcorder comes with a 1920 x 1080 high definition features as well as Navteq Maps for its GPS geo-tagging system. And this is something that we truly love.

Speaking of geo-tagging, this feature will help any user know from which part of the world a video clip has been captured. All it takes is a set of coordinates which will track the location of where you took the shot.

In addition to this, its HDD capabilities has been doubled and it can perform better under low lighting due to its CMOS sensors that have been fitted with a back-illumination. That is, if you try to use this at night, you may be surprised yourself that images remains clear.

About the CMOS sensor, it has a size of 1/3.5 inches and comes with a 4,150,000 pixels. The lens has a filter diameter of 37 millimeters and a focal range of about 5.5 to 60.0 millimeters. Surely, it is one of the best lens specifications that this camcorder has to offer.

Apart from its many features, this camcorder has an Optical Image Stabilizer, Face Detection technology which is capable of detecting up to 8 faces and also a Smile Shutter. All of these have been improved to suit your needs.

There is no problem when it comes to its manual controls, since this camcorder has a Cam Control dial. This even makes it better on navigating your way through the camera. Another good feature about this gizmo is the fact that it has a large memory storage which goes up to 240 gigabytes HDD.

The Sony HDR-XR520V comes at a price of $15,000. We think it is a price worthy of its high-end specifications and features. It is available on online sites like

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