Sony HDR-TG1


 Sony HDR-TG1

Sony camcorders are always something to watch out for. That’s an understatement. Well, the wait is over because Sony has just came out with its newest camcorder unit, the Sony HDR-TG1.

The Sony HDR-TG1 is a slim, light, and compact camcorder. You can use it for taking great snapshots or for or recording videos. Both the photos and the videos captured through this gadget has an ultra-high definition, making the colors sharp and vibrant.

The shutter speed of this new model is just apt for taking snapshots while its optical and digital zoom will work best even while you’re on the move. Plus, it has a feature that can enable you to select the background of your images: beach, snow, candle, landscape, portrait, sunrise, sunset, fireworks, and even spotlight.

Storing your media in this gizmo is an easy thing as well because the Sony HDR-TG1 comes with a 4GB memory stick.

This latest model from Sony is priced at $1,099.99.

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