Sony Handycam HDR-SR7 Digital Camcorder

Sony Handycam

One of the superb offering in Sony’s line of hard disk or HD camcorders, the Handycam HDR-SR7 makes use of a number of cutting edge features in capturing high quality digital video. This high end camcorder makes use of Sony’s 1/2.9 inch, 3.2 mega pixel ClearVid CMOS sensor which can record video to a 2.3 mega pixel resolution. It can also shoot still images at 3 mega pixel resolutions and sports a 10x zoom Zeiss lens. This camcorder also comes with 5.1 Dolby surround sound recording.

The Handycam HDR-SR7 camcorder offers excellent video performance as well as a satisfying still photo quality that can be operated using a manual set of controls that can be easily manipulated and is considered as user-friendly for its type of high end model. It comes with a 60GB hard drive for storing images or video that can manage about 8 hours of high quality video.

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