Sony Ericsson Teases Xperia Ray and Xperia Active Smartphones

It seems that Sony Ericsson will be dishing out two new Xperia smartphones. Not much is known about the Xperia Ray (pictured) and Xperia Active, except that both will be Android-powered. Sources claim that the Ray could be running with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, while it is hard to tell what version of the OS is on Active.

The Xperia Ray will have a bronze-ish back panel and is just 9.4mm thick. The smartphone will come with Sony’s Bravia Engine technology, which would enhance the resolution of the screen. It can also shoot HD video from its rear-facing camera and it also has a front-facing cam as well. Like the Xperia Play, the Ray will have Facebook Inside Xperia, which lets users utilize the social network from all many of the phone’s apps like the camera app, media player, and the address book.

Meanwhile, the Xperia Active appears to have a very rugged design with its curved, probably rubberized edges. It is likely that the Active is developed to withstand tough environments. The Active comes with a little loop where a key chain or wrist strap can be attach and has a much thicker form than the Ray. It also has a rear-facing camera and comes in four color schemes.

According to Steve Walker, Sony Ericsson’s chief marketing officer, the Ray and Active are expected to be launch on the third quarter of 2011 at a lower price point than the Xperia Play, currently priced at $200 with two-year contract from Verizon. Expect to hear more features about these two smartphones in the coming weeks.

Source: Huffington Post, via MobileCrunch

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