Sony Ericsson K800i and K790 Camera Phone

Sony Ericsson K800i and K790

Sony Ericsson released in 2006 its new generation of cellular phones that are now marked with their famous "Cyber-shot" tag name.

The K800i, along with its variant K790, feature a 3.2 megapixel digital camera complete with a xenon flash, a protective lens cover, and a "BestPic" feature that takes nine full-quality snapshots in quick succession (thus allowing the user to choose the best shots from them). Not only these camera phones are a photographic masterpieces, these are also equipped with a multi-format media player, FM radio, and expandable memory slot.

The main difference between the K800i and the K790 is the system it supports. The former is capable of GSM and UMTS (or 3G) that enables the user to conduct video conferencing, while the latter unit supports GSM and EDGE (or Advanced GPRS) with improved data transmission.

Both phones weigh 115 grams, with a "dual-front" design common among recent Sony Ericsson phones, with the back part designed like a digital camera and intended to be held sideways when taking photographs.

It also have a 262,144-color display measuring two inches diagonally, a five-way joystick that doubles as a shortcut to several functions, as well as other quick-access keys such as one that launches the Web browser and another one to activate the music player.

The phone book can hold a respectable 1,000 contacts, each can carry up to five phone numbers, Web and e-mail addresses among other information. The camera phones also come with a bounty of business-friendly features such as Bluetooth connectivity, an RSS news reader, an infrared port, USB cable support, and even video streaming for K800i.

Despite all these good stuff, the K800i and K790 have a low call volume (up to just 2 hours in K800i using 3G), as well as a sluggish menu navigation. But overall, the Sony Ericssion K800i and K790 offer superior features, excellent photo quality, and laudable performance.

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