Sony Ericsson Cedar

Technology need not cause additional waste and pollution for the planet, at least that is what Sony Ericsson tries to promote for some of its products. And for mobile phones, popularity and common usage make them a good choice to practice this philosophy. And in the case of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Cedar, this “green philosophy” is combined with affordability.

Sony Ericsson has recently announced that it will be coming up with the new Sony Ericsson Cedar as an option for those who wish to be earth friendly consumers as well as for those who have a “save first” mentality. The Sony Ericsson Cedar will feature options that try to strike up a balance between a business and a social device. The Cedar will provide easy 3G HSDPA access and easy connection options to laptops and PC’s. It also helps make social network access easier through its Widget Manager 2.0, an application that allows users to access social networks via the stand by screen.

But what is more interesting about the Sony Ericsson Cedar is that it was manufactured using recycled and earth friendly materials. In light of Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart commitment, the Cedar will feature the use of recycled plastics, waterborne paint, a low power consumption charger as well as compact and earth-friendly packaging. The Sony Ericsson Cedar is set to be launched by the third quarter of this year. No price has yet been announced.

Image Source: Sony Ericsson

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