Sony E-Series Video Walkman Soon Available in Europe

Sony Walkman E-series Video MP3 Player

Sony announces that a new line of Walkman music players will be available in Europe.  If you love to have your very own OLED Walkman but you do not have the money to buy one, these entry-level video MP3 players might do the trick.

The Sony Walkman E-Series Video MP3 Players feature great looks and easy listening features that are packed with innovation that only Sony can provide.  The E-Series appear in slim and light body (measuring just 9.3 mm thin) in choice of black or red, with high-resolution QVGA 2-inch color LCD screen, and clear stereo and bass technologies that assures you with superb sound quality.

These MP3 players also support video file format conversion, allowing you to convert other video formats if you have a decoder software.  Its long battery life provides you with non-stop listening pleasure for up to 30 hours and up to 6 hours of video-viewing pleasure.

The Walkman E-series features the Clear Audio technology by Sony for high-quality and detailed sound.  It reduces leakage between left and right channels while delivering powerful, controlled bass without distortion.  This video MP3 player also has a 5-band equalizer that fine tunes your listening enjoyment, as well as a Dynamic Normalizer that balances volume levels between songs for that comfortable listening experience.  Sony also throws in a high-quality FM audio tuner that can be recorded at a touch of a button and enjoy your favorite songs wherever and whenever.

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