Sony DR-GA200 Gaming Headsets

Console or PC gaming is no longer just a visual spectacle for most gamers. Even the sound aspect has become an important feature towards improved enjoyment. That is why serious gamers are now even quite discriminating when it comes to choosing what gaming headsets to use for better gaming enjoyment.

With this in mind, Sony has started targeting serious gamers by coming up with the new Sony DR-GA200 Gaming headset. The new gaming headphones feature 40mm drive units to provide premium sound quality for gaming. The DR-GA200 headphones also feature the Sony triple enfolding design that allows for a more comfortable wear among gamers by providing ventilation as well as prevent unwanted pressure on the ears when worn. It also comes with a compact boom microphone to allow player to player interaction which has become an integral part of gaming today. The Sony DR-GA200 Gaming headphones is set to be made available by October. There’s no word yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Sony

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