Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

People nowadays have many options available when it comes to getting (and staying) online. From netbooks to smartphones, such devices now provide users with a means to conveniently get online access wherever they are. Sony offers the Dash Personal Internet Viewer as another unique option for people to go online.

The Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer provides users a means of access to the Internet quite simply and conveniently. This simple and unique device comprises a 7 inch LCD touch screen display with Wi-Fi connectivity. It also acts as a multimedia device that allows users to listen to online radio, play audio files and watch online video.

The Sony Dash also provides access to about 1500 additional apps from the Bravia Video Internet platform and Chumby that can be used with the Sony Dash for added features. It also offers streaming of Netflix movies and TV shows, making it quite handy as an online multimedia to have at the house. It is available at Sonystyle for an appealing price of only US$200. That may be quite a bargain for the many online features it provides.

Image Source: Sonystyle


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