Sony Cybershot G3

Sony Cybershot G3

If you consider gadgets that are unique in its own way in terms of what they offer, then Sony may have something worth noting in its new Cybershot model. The Sony Cybershot G3 might look like that it is just one digital camera available for the Cybershot line. But actually it has something to offer that other digital cameras may not yet even be considering. The Sony Cybershot G3 is actually the first Wi-Fi camera in the world.

With the Sony Cybershot G3, users would not only be taking pictures, they can also conveniently send and store pictures online by using the digital camera’s Wi-Fi capability. The camera is said to have its own web browser and supports sites such as YouTube, Picasa and Shutterfly among others, all of which offer online image and video storage. This feature can make it quite a handy camera especially in Wi-Fi hotspots where users can go online and send their pictures and videos while on the move.

The Sony Cybershot G3 features a 10 megapixel sensor with 4x zoom. Built-in memory stands at 4 GB and the camera is armed with a 3.5 touch screen display and with its own photo browsing software. And because it is Sony, the web browser capability may still be in question when it comes to handling the real Internet. The maker looks into the integrated Wi-Fi feature as a means to get photos and videos online faster and not the primary means to surf the Web for extended periods. The Sony Cybershot G3 is priced at around US$ 500.

Image Source: Sony

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