Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T77

Sony DSC T77

The Sony DSC T77 is a digital camera for those who are heavy on gadget style and appearance. It is by far one of the slimmest digital cameras released by Sony, only 15 mm wide. Slipping this trendy camera should be no problem for you.

It has 10 megapixels and a 4x optical zoom lens. It also has a 3-inch touch-controlled LCD screen.

Overall, the T77 is really neat, but Sony somewhat overlooked polishing the features of this camera, particularly with its sharpness and the quality of the pictures that it produces. If the verdict for this camera is based on its physical appearance alone, the Sony DSC T77 would get a perfect 10. With its chic ‘do and its cool package, that rating would be well-deserved, But as it is, the photos that this camera produces are a little lacking in terms of image quality.

You can already purchase the T77 at your local gadget shop for $300.

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