Sony Creates Eye-Tracking Prototype Glasses for Lifelogging

Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. recently displayed a prototype device that aims to track the movement of the human eyes. The device, which was designed in partnership with the University of Tokyo, was intended for lifelogging.

What? You haven’t heard of lifelogging before? Don’t worry, most of use aren’t either. Simply put, lifelogging (or life blogging) is an activity wherein a person puts on a wearable computer that records what the wearer sees at certain parts of the day or even his entire life.

The prototype combines eye-tracking technology with an outward-facing camera, which not only detects objects and people, but also recognizes and copies text that the wearer reads. It works by directing infrared light to the eyeball, then the photoreceivers detect the light reflected on the eyeball to locate the position of the pupil so that eye movement can be measured.

Sony CSL also plans on putting a GPS function on the device and embedding the device inside the frame of the eyeglass. The problem now, however, is how to supply the power needed for such device.

Source: Engadget

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