Sony CMTLX40I.CEK DAB Micro System

Sony CMTLX40I with iPod Dock

Talk about a fully-loaded musical experience! Sony CMTLX40I.CEK DAB Micro HiFi System packed with all in one iPod dock has it all. The quality is just fascinating you just want to sit back all day long and enjoy the serene and soothing musical experience  Sony CMTLX40I.CEK DAB has to offer. Whether you are in the living room, in your bed, or just about anywhere inside your house, The Sony CMTLX40I Micro HiFi System will definitely provide you with best musical experience!

The Sony CMTLX40I is a combination of an iPod dock CD player and DAB radio this HiFi which comes in a sleek innovative design that gets the job done perfectly. iPod Dock is perfectly engineered to get hold of all iPods which includes touch and the iPhone. The iPod Dock firmly holds your iPod while charging and playing your favorite music all at the same time. Convenient and entertaining that is.

Everyone’s totally impressed of what this gadget can do, even Gadget Spy gave a positive remark on this awesome piece of creation. CD player The top slot loading CD player inside this HiFi is quite exquisite not only does it play CD-R and CD-RW it also plays hundreds of  MP3 CDs as well. Very impressive!

With one CD, musical entertainment can last for long with the quality of DAB and FM radio that is capable of storing 20 crystal clear DAB radio stations that you can choose from. You will have a problem maximizing space on the Sony CMTLX40I with an extra 20 FM and 10 AM stations. Now that’s what you call wicked!

Source:  SonyStyle

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