Sony CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i iPod Audio Systems

Sony CMT-Bx50i and CMT-Bx20i iPod

With the increasing popularity of the iPod, Sony has recently unveiled a line of audio systems that will enhance the listening pleasure of iPod users. Sony has come up with the CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i micro shelf audio systems made specifically for use with different iPod models. These new micro shelf audio systems provide a number of features that allow its users a more enhanced music listening habits through their iPods.

The CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i allow iPod users to experience more powerful and richer sound in a HiFi system built specifically for the iPod. These shelf audio systems allow users to charge, play and control the popular mp3 gadget through the audio system. Control by remote is also provided to allow music enthusiasts a more convenient enjoyment of their favorite tunes wherever in the house they may be in.

Not only that, the CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i is also equipped with a front loading CD player that can read CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 discs. It also comes with an integrated FM tuner to allow users to enjoy FM music if they choose. The CMT-BX50i has all the features of the CMT-BX20i audio system but comes with Bluetooth Stereo Technology that allows users to wirelessly stream CD quality music to other Bluetooth aided stereo devices such as headphones, digital music players and cell phones.

Image Source: Sony

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