Sony Ceases Producing Cassette Walkmans

This sad news is a bit unexpected partly because we have no idea Sony still does it until today. The company has announced that it will no longer manufacture and sell cassette Walkmans in Japan, 30 years after these devices were introduced. According to Sony reps, the final batch of its cassette Walkmans was shipped to retailers last April.

Looking back, Sony managed to sell over 400 million Walkmans–such as the TPS-L2 (pictured), which is considered as the first mass-produced stereo–around the world, about 200,020,000 of those were cassette-based models.

It is not the end of the Walkman brand, though, as Sony will continue manufacturing CD-based, MD-based, and flash memory-based Walkmans.

This is the second virtually obsolete technology that Sony has ceased to produced this year after pulling the plug on floppy discs back in April.

Source: CrunchGear

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