Sony Bravia x450 LCD tv

The Sony BRAVIA X450 LCD TV defines home theater entertainment.

For people who like great home entertainment viewing, the Sony BRAVIA X450 is something that you will truly love. That is because this audio-video gizmo has features that can fulfill all your entertainment needs.

First of all, this has an RGB Red Backlighting Technology. This arranges the color images to bring vivid and lackluster pictures right into your screen. This is due to the high definition processor within it, which is responsible for providing a more enhanced color, contrast called the BRAVIA Engine 2 Pro.

Another one of its great features is that it has a Full HD 1080 Technology which is the twice the amount of standard definition format or SD. Additionally, it has an MEG Noise Reduction which reduces the image noise present in high contrast images.

It also has a Motionflow PRO which makes images, especially the fast-moving ones even smoother and sharper. Because of this outstanding, feature this makes the scenes even more real to the viewer. And this is one of the reasons why we think you should try out this great heck of a gizmo.

If you are also into great user-interface technology, the Sony BRAVIA X450 has something that you will truly love. The XrossMediaBar or XMB allows users an even more convenient way in orienting themselves with the to navigate or search through a content without the use of a remote control.

Another of its great features is the BRAVIA Sync. It let users to experience convenience through its one-push play or shutdown as the device works with some of its entertainment solutions.

Also, it has a Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA which allows users or viewers to share digital media with other people. This technology is so smart and cool that you can actually share it with other entertainment devices. This is something that we like to call ultimate convenience.

Moreover, it has this new technology called the Ambient Light Sensor. This lets the device to adapt to the lighting environment of the place. What is good about this is that prevents eye fatigue among the viewers.

It can also support digital images with its PhotoTV HD feature which allows the viewers to see slideshows and the likes. What is great about this is that the images are clear and vivid as well as realistic.

We believe that the Sony BRAVIA X450 is one of the great LCD TVs out there fit for movie viewing. With an excellent home theater experience, coupled by its 24P True Cinema feature, we truly recommend it. It has a starting price of $2,398 and is available on online sites like

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