Sony Bravia HDX275 Theater System

Sony Bravia HDX275

The Sony Bravia HDX275 Theater System offers a complete home theater set up that includes more than just 1000 watts of power through its speakers. This theater system also includes an integrated 5 DVD/CD changer and player. This system also supports HDMI and can upscale DVD media into high definition up to 1080p. Other features also help make it quite convenient for the use of other digital media devices.

The Sony Bravia HDX275 comes equipped with a Digital Media Port that allows other digital devices to be connected into the theater system. It also is equipped with an iPod Dock, a means for the popular media device of today to use the Sony Bravia HDX275 for its quality audio output. The Sony Bravia HDX275 also supports S-AIR technology that allows transmitting audio from a digital device wirelessly to another room or area. This theater system set up is designed with use for the Sony Bravia HD LCD televisions. The combination would make the home theater experience closer to the real thing.

Image Source: Sonystyle

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