Sony Applies for Patent Putting Electrodes in Pillow

We all have been looking for ways to have better sleep from changing our mattress, adding/ taking away pillows, and even listening to hypnotic music. For scientists, however, the best sleep requires all sorts of electrodes, which are not only cumbersome but can also yank your scalp.

Sony has applied for a patent that would embed such sensors into your pillow. The company proposes that this patent, among other things, works as an advanced alarm clock that monitors brain waves. These electrodes would help detect when you enter and leave the REM stage, which typically occupies up to 25 percent of our sleep.

The patent application provides examples on how it would apply the technology, such as guiding you through an efficient quick nap. The pillow would start a timer once you have entered REM state and only waking you up once you have come out of deep sleep state. The proposed alarm ranges from a buzzer to a flashing light to a bed shaking motor.

Source: USPTO, via Engadget

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