Sony Aibo First Litter Edition

The progress of robotics has gone a long way from when the idea or concept first came out. Sony of Japan has developed quite a number of them through the years. One of them is Aibo, the robotic dog that it introduced more or less two decades ago. During that lengthy period, development and technology advancements have allowed the robot to evolve into something that has become the new Sony Aibo First Litter Edition.

Robotic Dog

The Sony Aibo First Litter Edition is the updated version of the previous robotic dog model from the Japanese electronics giant. Unlike the previous version, the latest edition dog companion robot features cutting-edge robotic technology along with a new cloud-connected artificial intelligence engine. It also comes with advanced image sensors that, combined with the robot’s new AI engine, can give the Sony Aibo the ability to learn and recognize faces. State-of-the-art actuators built into the robot allow it to move more efficiently and also makes its movement become even more expressive from head to tail.

As the robotic dog interacts with the people in its surroundings, it starts to develop its own unique personality, thanks to the cloud-based AI engine. The daily interactions can also help the robot learn what makes its owners happy and remember the actions it can do to achieve that purpose. In a way, this can help the Sony Aibo form a deeper bond with the people it interacts with.

The new Sony Aibo First Litter Edition also comes with a variety of toys that the robot dog can play with. While some people may consider looking at the new Aibo as a toy, the company sees it as a means to develop technology and foster innovation, especially in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, as well as image sensing.  The new Sony Aibo is now available for pre-order for $2,899. The package includes the Aibo with the accessory bundle, and a three-year AI Cloud Plan. It is expected to be delivered around the holiday season.

Image Source: Sony

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