Sonos Wireless Sound System

Sonos wireless sound system

The new Sonos wireless sound system is the best of the best in the wireless system market. The Sonos Bundle 150 has out-of-the-box simple setup, provides seamless delivery, and has virtually unlimited expansion. Additionally, since the wireless sound system does not depend on home network, you will not experience any bandwidth problem.

What we love about this wireless sound system is the SonosNet feature. It is the wireless mesh network that can deliver performance and range needed in a multi-room music system. What’s more, you can also control the sound system from anywhere in your house.

All you have to do is to connect the ZP90 (ZonePlayer 90) to your home stereo or home theater and then place the ZP120 (ZonePlayer 120) anywhere you want music. If you want to have the ultimate experience in wireless sound system, go for the Sonos Bundle 150 with Loudspeakers.  

Here’s more: Sonos has just added iPhone application, an excellent addition to the kit. This application also works seamlessly like everything else in the Sonos bundle. The new Sonos wireless sound system is worth its price tag. The Sonos Bundle 150 is available for $999, while the Sonos Bundle 150 with Loudspeakers costs $1149.00.

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