Sonos CR200 Touchscreen Controller

sonos cr200 touchscreen controller

With so many consoles involved using the Sonos multi-room wireless music system, surely there should be a single controller to command all these.  Do not fret because Sonos has just unveiled its new touchscreen CR200 controller

The Sonos Controller provides an instant and wireless access to all your music in all of your rooms at a mere touch of a finger.  It features a 3.5-inch, 640×480 pixel , full-color VGA display; ultra-responsive on-screen keyboard; and dedicated buttons that make this controller easy-to-use and even fun to play with.  Use the Sonos Controller to quickly find and play music whether it is from your personal music library, the Internet radio, and even popular online music services.  Simply browse through different albums and stations with just a flick of a finger or you can also search using the on-screen keyboard.  The Sonos Controller is so efficient, you can actually either play the same song in the same room or different songs in different rooms.

The Sonos CR200 Controller is available on its official online store for only $349.

Image source:  Sonos

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