Sonos BU150 Digital Music System Digital Audio Receivers

Sonos BU150 is a wireless digital audio system that can be expanded in a total of 32 rooms. Probably, the best part about it is that the audio system in every room can stream play the same or even different music at the same time. It is like having a muzak in your house.

The sound systems are operated via the use of a remote control. The CR100 Sonos Controller is wireless and has a 3.5 inch color LCD screen. Having the physical properties of an iPod, it is operated by both hands. With all the specifications for control built in it, it makes navigation simpler.

The ZP120 and the ZP90 comprises the Sonos BU150’s component system. With a measurement of about 7.3 x 8.15, the ZP120 can be operated either by the CR100 or by Windows and Mac computers in your home. It only needs two speakers for it to play music across a room.

Meanwhile, the ZP90 is much smaller and does not have an amplifier. Measuring around 2.9 x 5.4 inches, it has a coaxial digital output as well as an optical output. Weighing at about 1.5 pounds, it has two Ethernet jacks for network connectivity.

File formats like MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and Apple Lossless are all compatible with the Sonos Digital Music System. It can even stream compressed WAV files as well as AAC files that are not copy-protected.

The Sonos BU150 is available for $999 and about $1149 if there are Sonos speakers included. The ZP120 is available for $500, the ZP90 for $350 while the CR100 is costs $400. This hi-end gizmo is available on online gadget stores and in Sonos’ own website.

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