Sonny, The Portable Bidet For Hygienic, Eco-Conscious Humans

Good personal hygiene is a must for many people. They can practice proper hygiene at home all the time if they wish to. But what about the time when they are traveling or staying somewhere else? Sometimes this can be a challenge especially when one has to answer the call of Nature in a public bathroom for example. Good thing people can now rely on having Sonny Portable Bidet always on hand.

The Sonny Portable Bidet can ensure users of maintaining good personal hygiene even while on the go. This personal portable bidet is a battery-powered water spray designed for maintaining your personal hygiene especially when you are somewhere else besides your home. It comes with a sprayer and two 100ml canisters that you can fill up with water. Using the Sonny will give you up to 25-40 seconds worth of pressurized and targeted water flow depending on the chosen pressure. That is enough to ensure of a thorough clean of your front or back sides when you’ve finished answering the call of Nature.

The Sonny Portable Bidet is a good and eco-friendly alternative to using dry tissue or even wet wipes. These products can add into the gradual destruction of your precious environment due to deforestation and pollution. With the reusable Sonny, you have an eco-friendly hygiene tool that reduces its environmental impact. It is also handy as a multi-purpose cleaning tool when the need arises. The Sonny Portable Bidet is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $99. It is expected to be available sometime in March of next year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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