Sonix7 Media Pro

Sonix7 Media Pro

A small British electronics company is packing a punch against industry giants as it offers a big-screen, user-friendly media player at a much lower price.  The British-made Sonix7 Media Pro has a 3.2-inch touchscreen (77% bigger than the Apple iPod Nano) and can play up to 30 hours of audio or 20 hours of video (up to five times longer than iPod Nano).  Aside from the low-end price, the Sonix7 Media Pro also has features that major media players do not have:  A built-in camera, e-book reader, and speaker.

Another advantage that Sonix7 Media Pro has over the competition is that it can play more audio and video file formats.  It also does not lock into a single PC unlike the iPod, making your access to music and videos more convenient.  It even does not need software to be able to load and share files. 

And unlike hordes of media players, the Sonix7 Media Pro is not made in China but in the United Kingdom, assuring you of better quality without the high price.  It is available in 8GB and 16GB models for $136 and $159 respectively.

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