Sonix7 Media Pro

Sonix7 Media  Pro

Sonix7 Media Pro is as uncomplicated as a portable media player can get. According to, it’s so simple, even your grandparents can use it.

This PMP has a 32-inch user-friendly touch screen display, which is big for a portable media player.

But that’s not the best feature of this PMP. No. It’s the Sonix7’s long battery life. Sonix7 Media Pro boasts of 20 hours of video playback on a single charge. That’s about 30 hours of audio.

The Sonix7 also comes with a digital and video camera, and it even has eBook capability. On top of that, Sonix7 supports MP4, AVI, and Xvid formats.

Sonix7 Media Pro is available for $136 (£90) for the 8GB model, and $159 (£105) for the 16GB version.    

Image source: Sonix

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