Sonim XP3 Quest 2.0 Rugged Mobile Phone

Sonim XP3 Quest Phone

It seems that mobile phones today are not meant to last. That may be the case why many people see to change mobile phones regularly. Be it the looks or the coolness factor that makes them decide to change their mobile phones, there seems to be no substitute for both quality and durability. This is both what the Sonim XP3 Quest mobile phone offers.

For those who look for ruggedness and toughness in whatever gadget they buy, the Sonim XP3 mobile phone rightfully belongs in this category. Whereas some of today’s mobile phones are too sensitive and fragile under the elements, this rugged phone seems to take them all in stride. After all, it is a phone with an IP67 certification for toughness. Not only that the Sonim XP3 Quest also has a MIL-810 certification in terms of its resistance to salt, fog, humidity, temperature and transport shock. Not all mobile phones can say that.

The Sonim XP3 Quest not only has toughness as its main feature. It is also equipped with features seen in most mobile phones today and more. It has a built-in 2 MP camera with flash, a built-in GPS, FM radio and a Micro SD Card slot for added storage capacity for up to 2 GB. It supports the EDGE tri-band format and comes with a 1850 mAh battery with 18 hours worth of talk time and 1500 hours of standby time. Priced around US$ 525, the Sonim XP3 Quest mobile phone can be considered as a high end device worth its weight in toughness and durability.

Image Source: Sonim Technologies

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