Sonic Jump iOS Game App

Those who like simple game apps do not necessarily look for the easiest games out there. True, they would love the games to be easy to understand and play with. But it should also provide a bit of a challenge for people to enjoy as well. If not, people will easily get bored of the games after awhile. For a balance of simplicity and challenge, people may want to try out this Sonic Jump game app for iOS devices.

The Sonic Jump iOS game app is a simple game involving that lovable Sonic character. It is a platform jumper game where players only need to jump up and up in order to finish the level. Controls are easy enough as it involves tapping on the screen to jump and tilting the device to move Sonic into a certain direction. Double tapping makes the character jump even higher. But then the challenge is there despite the simple game controls.

Players need to use timing in order to allow Sonic to jump to crevices and platforms to go higher. There are rings to collect along the way as well as obstacles to be aware of. Each level gets harder and harder and many more elements are added to heighten the challenge. There are also boss battles to consider as well as arcade game play to try out. The Sonic Jump iOS game app is available at the App Store for a US$2 download.

Image Source: App Store

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