Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Waking up early in the morning is hard for most people. Having to get up to the noise of an alarm clock is not always a welcome sound for some. The sound alone from the alarm clock may not be enough.  For those who are able to sleep through the alarm clock noise in the morning, using this Sonic Boom Alarm Clock might just do the trick.

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is a unique alarm clock that wakes people up in a unique and a more effective manner. Instead of just a shrill alarm noise, this alarm clock also comes with a 12-volt bed shaker that wakes people up using vibration. It comes with a 113db adjustable alarm tone to go with the bed shaker to effectively get people up when they need to. A back up battery allows the alarm clock to still be effective even during a power outage. The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is available at Amazon for US$28.

Image Source: Amazon

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